Inside the Mind of Sales: How to Understand the Mind & Sell Anything

This book is NOT just another sales book. This is the ultimate communication manual that will massively transform your sales, business, and personal life. ★ Include Rapid Learning Accelerator Bonus Audio. Inside The Mind of Sales is A SHORTCUTIn this book, you will learn the hidden secrets of how people’s minds actually work.You will discover how to be successful when selling, presenting and negotiating using a simple step by step proven process.confidently be more charismaticeasily get people to like you effectively persuade and influence peopleintuitively discover what everyone really wantsfully understand people’s personality typeseffortlessly interpret body languagerapidly build rapport with anyone, anytime and anywhereinstinctively master the secret principles of communicationsuccessfully overcome objectionsprofitably use the most effective secret negotiation tacticTwo Books in OneIn Part One you will learn how people's minds really work, together with some very powerful and little known persuasion and influence methods.In Part Two you will learn a proven, easy step by step process to follow that has generated over a £billion in sales.Included with the book is the proprietary deep relaxation rapid learning accelerator audio program.This will program your mind for success. The code for access is contained inside the book.

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Book Title: Inside the Mind of Sales: How to Understand the Mind & Sell Anything

Book Author: Derek Borthwick

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