Anything Is Possible: 7 Steps for Doing the Impossible

Think about this -- * What would you try if you knew "Anything Is Possible"? * What goal could you achieve if you knew "Anything Is Possible"? * What dream could you make come true if you knew the sevens steps proving "Anything Is Possible"? The answers are in Dr. Joe Vitale's newest book. It's called - "Anything Is Possible!" It reveals - "The 7 Steps for Doing the Impossible" It explains -- "Mind Expanding Secrets for Achieving Your Biggest, Boldest, Most Bodacious Goals Discovered While Bending Nails, Bolts, Steel Bars and Horseshoes by HAND" World famous Strongman Grandmaster Dennis Rogers said - "In January of 2017 Joe Vitale attended my annual strongman seminar: Oldetime Strongman University. By the end of the day he had twisted a horseshoe, bent a steel bar into the shape of a fish, and with one blow of his fist - drove a nail so far through a piece of construction lumber that he surprised us all. That morning he left his home as a 63 year-old guy. That evening he arrived home as a Strongman." The book isn't about bending steel so much as it is about bending your MIND so you can achieve dreams that others will marvel at. It reveals the 7 secrets for achieving the impossible. This inspiring book will lift you, motivate you, stretch you, entertain you, and get you agreeing that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!

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Book Title: Anything Is Possible: 7 Steps for Doing the Impossible

Book Author: Dr Joe Vitale

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ISBN: 1984128159