Zero Assistance Resistance Training: 100% wheelchair-based workout program (English Edition)

NEED AN EFFECTIVE CHAIR-BASED WORKOUT? DISCOVER HOW TO BOOST YOUR STRENGTH, STAMINA AND INDEPENDENCE Hiring a trainer for every gym session is a luxury many can’t afford. Finding friends who can commit to four training sessions a week is difficult. What’s more, if you’re fiercely independent like Paralympian and professional athlete Dan Highcock – you want to be able to do things with zero assistance anyway! This 12-week fitness program works your whole upper body and cardiovascular system using dumbbells, plates, adjustable cable racks and resistance bands – in your chair, independently. The ZART program •boosts your independence and fitness •raises your metabolism to promote fat loss•improves your cardiovascular health •increases you hand speed (ideal for wheelchair sports)•boosts your body’s ability to adapt and repair itself plus avoid injury •offers nutrition and supplement advice•includes 12 workout plans to keep things varied and interesting•provides detailed step-by-step exercise descriptions with photos Dan has thoroughly tested this workout himself and with his students to make sure it is safe and effective for you. “As a full-time wheelchair user and qualified fitness instructor, I highly recommend buying this book. It’s such a benefit to anyone in a chair that needs more strength, mobility, fitness and independence.“ Edward Joseph Molloy, PT Dan Highcock was injured in a motorbike accident at the age of five. Undeterred, his ‘can-do’ mindset has led him to become a Paralympic wheelchair basketball player and online personal trainer and nutrition coach.

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Book Title: Zero Assistance Resistance Training: 100% wheelchair-based workout program (English Edition)

Book Author: Dan Highcock

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